Why Proper Home Staging is Important When Selling a House

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Why Proper Home Staging Is Important When Selling a House - Blog by Debonair Home Staging and Redesign

Properly staging a home when selling a house is like putting the biggest and most colorful bow on a gift—it is what really sells the experience. Although many homeowners may think their home is already tastefully decorated and appealing to potential buyers, a reputable home staging company can typically offer several tricks of the trade that can help a house sell faster and for more money than it would without them. If planning to put a house on the market, make sure you know the proper way to stage your home first.

Why Proper Home Staging is Important When Selling a House

If a seller desires a house to sell fast, most realtors will advise that one of the most important things they can do is to properly stage their home. While it makes sense to have the house picked up and clean, is it essential to go through the extra steps for staging a home? In a word, yes! Here are the benefits of home staging:

It creates a strong visual for potential buyers
Even the most exquisitely decorated homes can be a turn off to buyers if the rooms feel crowded, overly personal, or too eclectic. For a sale to become a reality, a potential buyer must be able to visualize themselves living in that space. The more classic and decluttered space there is in a house on the market, the more leeway it gives the buyer to picture their own family and belongings in that space.

It may make your house more memorable
Despite the proven efficacy of faster home selling results when properly staging a home, not every homeowner takes advantage of this advice. Their reluctance to do so just may help your house stand out to buyers if it is properly staged.

It can make the house look like it’s worth every penny you’re selling it for
This concept may sound overly simple but can be highly effective when done correctly. A house that has a market value of $300,000 may not appear worth that dollar amount if it is crowded, not well lit with natural light, and not staged to be inviting. This could eventually cost the seller a reduction in the listing price. The same house with some small changes such as putting a few pieces of furniture in storage, letting daylight stream through the windows, and adding a fresh coat of paint could potentially sell for every penny the seller is asking for.

What Is Involved In Home Staging?

Home staging is a method many realtors and home design companies employ to make a house look more open, airy, and inviting to potential buyers. Although it may sound like a lot of work, in many cases it is not. There are a variety of small and somewhat inexpensive changes homeowners can make to stage their home.

Declutter for Spaciousness
A house that looks lived in may be the mark of a life well lived, but that does not necessarily translate to the sale of a home. Homeowners should plan to systematically declutter every room in the house. This generally includes taking down and packing up personal pictures and dramatic artwork as well as temporarily relocating well-worn or crowded furniture to storage.

Emanate Curbside Appeal
The very first impression of a home is often the longest lasting. From the moment a potential buyer sees an exterior picture of the home or pulls up to the outside curb, the outward appearance of a home becomes crucial in getting the buyer excited to see the inside as well. Simple ways to enhance a home’s curb appeal can be a well-manicured lawn, flower beds, clean exterior windows, and a lovely front door with a welcome mat.

Create Warmth In The Entryway
The first few steps inside the house can create the foundation for a home buying experience. An entryway that is spacious, clean, and welcoming can instantly put potential buyers at ease and make them feel at home. Special touches for an entryway that a homeowner may want to include are an elegant potted plant, a hanging mirror, and a narrow table complete with a small lamp.

Make the Space Feel Fresh
The fresher a space is, the newer it will feel to a potential buyer. Much of this step can be achieved by simply decluttering, ridding the house of crowded furniture, doing a deep clean of the house (including baseboards), and adding a fresh coat of neutral paint in every room.

Allow Natural Lighting
It is said that home is where the heart is, and for most people the preference is to keep the heart happy. Homeowners should make sure the interior and exterior of the house’s windows are spotless and clean to allow the maximum amount of natural light in. Take care to leave the blinds open and the curtains pulled aside. These small changes can make a house feel more open and cheerful.

Blog by Debonair Home Staging & Redesign

How A Home Staging And Redesign Company Can Help

For house staging to be successful, many homeowners wanting to sell quickly may need to consider enlisting the help of a custom home staging and redesign company. If you are still not convinced, consider the following. It is estimated that ninety-five percent of Accredited Staging Professional (ASP) homes usually sell in approximately eleven days or less and tend to bring in more money than homes without professional staging.

An accredited home staging and redesign company is typically staffed with professionals that make a living out of properly staging homes to facilitate a quick sale for a good price. Whether it is choosing the best color to paint the walls or knowing the inside secrets to making a small room look spacious, home staging companies can help homeowners create more appeal for a house.

When looking for a company to help with proper home staging for selling a house, choose companies that are:

  • Highly Recommended
  • Serving Greater Houston (including Pearland and Sugarland)
  • Accredited Staging Professional Masters
  • Accredited Staging Design Professionals
  • Accredited Certified Luxury Home Staging Specialists

If you are considering putting your house on the market and are looking to sell quickly, consider why proper home staging is important when selling a house, and contact Debonair Home Staging & Redesign today.