How To Select A Home Staging Company

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From the moment you decide to put your home on the market, the focus quickly becomes how to sell it fast and for as close as possible to the listed asking price. To cross both items off the list in spectacular fashion, proper home staging is essential. However, be advised that the secret to effective home staging is learning how to select a home staging company that is polished, professional, and best fits your specific needs.

What Is Home Staging?

Home staging is the process of making the inside of a home look like something you would see in a home and garden magazine so that it is more appealing in online photos and in person. This strategy is critical in establishing a solid first impression with a potential buyer and typically facilitates the speedy sale of the property.

In some cases, a house that has been on the market for months undergoes a makeover by a home staging company and it can substantially increase the odds of that property moving faster.

While the professionals can make home staging look effortless, it is a complex style endeavor that usually includes the following:

  • Reducing clutter (this can mean messy areas as well as crowded areas of the home)
  • Cleaning the home until it sparkles
  • Adding style appropriate décor that ups the coziness factor such as plush throw pillows, soft throw blankets, and seasonal candles
  • Rearranging furniture layouts to make rooms feel more spacious
  • Adding warm and inviting fragrances
  • Making the home look ready for guests at a moment’s notice by keeping decorative place settings at the table

How Effective Is Home Staging?

The following statistics from the National Association of REALTORSTM Research Group’s 2019 Profile of Home Staging demonstrates the effectiveness of home staging companies:

  • An estimated forty percent of buyers’ agents said they felt home staging affected a buyer’s view of the home
  • More than eighty percent of buyers’ agents felt staging a home allowed the buyer to better visualize the property as a future place of residence

Even if you choose not to stage the whole house, the rooms you do stage can make a big difference. The same report also ranked the importance of staging by room according to buyers. The following rooms were ranked very important in terms of staging:

  • Living Room (Highest importance)
  • Master Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Yard or Outside Space
  • Bathroom
  • Children’s Bedroom
  • Guest Bedroom (Lowest importance)

Who Needs A Home Staging Company?

Realistically, anyone with their home on the market should consider utilizing the services of a reputable home staging company. This partnership is beneficial for the seller in many different ways, including:

It is a skill.

Homeowners often find it hard to depersonalize and declutter their environment because adding more universally appealing décor can seem traitorous to the place where they made memories. Professionals are able to make the home staging process fast and efficient without personal attachment to items in the home. This allows a homeowner to focus instead on how they can personalize and make memories in their new home.

It can create buzz.

Every seller’s worst nightmare is that no one will come see their home. It is hard to sell a home with out a visit by the buyer. However, modern home buyers are resorting to online listings and photos to help decide which houses to visit. Home staging can do amazing things for photos of your home and potential buyers will notice the difference.

It can mean more green.

Statistics show that buyers are more willing to go up on an offer if the house is well staged. Not doing so may result in a lower offer by a seller and a longer period of time that the property sits on the market.

How To Select A Home Staging Company

Knowing how to select a home staging company can be the most important step a homeowner makes in selling their home. There are a number of companies who offer these services but be aware that they are not all created equal. Because there is no designation or certification for home staging, it is important to do your homework first.

Some things to consider when deciding how to select a home staging company are:


Choose a company that is well-respected within the real estate industry and among homeowners. A vote for a company by either of these two entities is worth significantly more than a blind vote of confidence.

Their Work

A company with a history of home staging should have a portfolio so that potential clients can view their previous work. Ensure that every home in the portfolio has staging that matches the tone of the house and enhances its appeal. Sellers should also verify with the company how fast it took to sell the properties they staged.

Look Beyond the Fancy Letterhead

Verify that a company is reputable and experienced. All the fancy letterhead in the world does not make someone a better home stager. Look past all the bells and whistles to a proven track record and happy clients.

Don’t Cut Corners

Remember that staging a home is a bit of a science that requires going all in. For an amazing return on investment, be sure you are not cutting budgeting corners. In other words, if a company promises to do the same or more than another company at half the price, it is worth a second look to make sure the company isn’t cutting corners either because that can equate to a drastically delayed sale.

If you have questions about how to select a home staging company and what is involved, reach out to the professionals at Debonair Home Staging. Your story is our story, and we can’t wait to make yours a success!