How To Keep Your Family Safe When You Have Showings At Your Home

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Online Consultations - DebonairHomeStaging

We offer online consultations.

In accordance with social distancing measures, we can help you stage your home without meeting in person. For occupied homes, you have the option of an e-consultation. For vacant homes, we are able to provide a proposal without a site visit, and it is not necessary for you to be present for installation.

Hand Washing Station - DebonairHomeStaging

Set up a hand-washing station.

If you have hand sanitizer, place a bottle on a table in your entryway along with a sign that reads: “To protect the homeowners and other buyers, please use hand sanitizer and try to avoid touching things in the home.

Turn On Lights - DebonairHomeStaging

Turn on all lights and lamps and open all blinds and draperies.

Not only does this make rooms feel bigger, it keeps buyers from touching your light switches.

Open All Doors - DebonairHomeStaging

Open all doors so buyers won’t touch your door handles.

Bathroom - DebonairHomeStaging

Put toilet lids down and fold the end of the toilet paper roll into a triangle.

Then you will know if someone used the bathroom.

Disinfecting Wipes - DebonairHomeStaging

When you arrive home after showings, use a disinfecting wipe

on all exterior door knobs, stair railings, light switches that have been turned off, bathrooms that were used, and anything else that looks like it was moved.

Cancel Showings - DebonairHomeStaging

Cancel showings if anyone is sick or has been exposed to the coronavirus.

Make it clear that you will NOT allow sick buyers, Realtors, or anyone else who is ill into your home, and reschedule showings if your family is sick.

Limit Showings - DebonairHomeStaging

Limit showings to one buyer group/family unit at a time.

Maintain social distancing throughout showings.

Documents - DebonairHomeStaging

Sign documents online

DocuSign and Dropbox are great options for signing and transferring digital contracts. Ask your Realtor what you can complete online.